Particularities of ladies sport shoes

In the past, ladies sport shoes were just the smaller version of the male sport shoes.

Beginning with the year 2000, things have changed and manufacturers started producing ladies sport shoes. Even if it might seem that there is not difference between the ladies sport shoes and the ones for males, let me tell you things are not like this at all. Women are different from men and their necessities are different as well. There are various aspects which are very important and most of them are anatomical, bio-mechanical, and morphological. The reasons for which ladies sport shoes are different from male sport shoes are:

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  • the percentage of their body mass;
  • the anatomy of their foot;
  • their cycle of ovulation;
  • bio-mechanics.

All these aspects are very important for manufacturers which produce ladies sport shoes because they help them create the perfect shoes for any woman. Ladies sport shoes must be comfortable  and appropriate for any sports activity.

The percentage of the body mass is a very important aspect for any ladies sport shoes manufacturer as it helps it create the perfect shoes for any women. Studies have shown that a woman which has the same shoe size as a man, has about 15% less body mass than him. This is why they ladies sport shoes are mush lighter than the ones for men. The body mass must be considered when the sole is being manufactured: the reason is that the sole must be adapted to a lower weight, in order to allow the sole to distribute the shock compression much easier. Ladies sport shoes have a softer mid-sole and deeper flex channels which must ease flexibility.

The anatomy of the foot is also a very important aspect as the female feet have a narrower ankle than men’s feet. This is why most manufacturers use forms which have been adapted to the needs of women.

Even if this may seem weird, the cycle of ovulation is an important aspect when it comes to ladies sport shoes. It seems that women athletes have much more injuries which can be associated with their periods of fertility. Studies have showed that during this period, the plantar fascia is affected and it becomes much more elastic. This means that the arch of the foot tends to flatten and that the knee can be injured much easier than usually.

Because of these changes, most manufacturers create ladies sport shoes which have deformable materials which are able to match any situation and any period the women are going through.
When it comes to ladies sport shoes, bio-mechanics is an important aspect as well. Women are usually wider in the pelvis than men and this is why ladies sport shoes must have a different shape than those which are created for men. The main idea is to help women have an easier contact with the soil.

Even if they are different, ladies sport shoes have the same goal as those for men: they must be comfortable and able to distribute the shock compression in order to avoid any injuries.

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